Montha Than Waterfall is a relaxing place to visit as you travel up the popular mountain area of Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai Thailand. Montha Than Waterfall is not known for being the biggest waterfall around but it is a pleasant visit to get away from the huge tourist hot spots and to take some photos. Montha Than Waterfall is located closer to the bottom of the mountain of Doi Suthep between the start of the mountain and the popular temple of Wat Phra That. Most taxi drivers will be aware of the waterfall but you are also welcome to rent your own motorbike, car or even bicycle if you are fit enough to peddle up the hilly mountain.

Montha Than Waterfall Arrival Area

Montha Than Waterfall Arrival Area

There is an admission fee to enter Montha Than Montha Than Waterfall. Much like many tourist areas foreigners have to pay a little more than the local Thai people. The cost for an adult is 100 Baht (about 3 dollars USD) and 50 Baht for a child. A Thai visitor only has to pay 20 Baht for an adult and 10 Baht for a child. Though 3 US dollars does not seem to cost very much it is actually a bit more than the norm. For instance, the popular Wat Phra That temple on the same mountain at the time of this post only costs 30 Baht to enter. However, still not a bad deal to check out the waterfall. Also, take note there are extra costs for the vehicle as well with a 20 Baht fee for motorcycles, 30 Baht fee for a standard 4 door car.

When you arrive at Montha Than Waterfall you will be presented with the sounds of running water flowing down over some rather huge rocks. Be aware that there is more to this waterfall then what you first see. There are some stairs to the left that lead you up to the second level which also has a continuation of this waterfall with water that flows into a small pool. A bridge is also located on the second level with information signs about the area and a great place to take some quick snapshots. You are welcome to wade in the water as well as the pool is not deep and has a soft sand bottom.

Montha Than Waterfall Doi Suthep Chiang Mai

Montha Than Waterfall Stairs To Second Area

You can also venture even further to a third level by taking a set of much older steeper stairs. It is a bit of a trek as you got to work your way through more dangerous stairs and push away the brush. At the top you are presented with yet another small bridge but no waterfall. Just a stream that flows under the bridge that will eventually make its way down the mountain to the other two areas of Montha Than Waterfall. Honestly, for the trek I do not think it is worth it. There really is not much to see on the third level so unless you are feeling extra adventurous and just got to see it I would probably just skip the third area.

Montha Than Waterfall Doi Suthep Chiang Mai

Montha Than Waterfall Doi Second LEvel

Montha Than Waterfall is a nice stop over on your way up the mountain. Even the drive along the way to the waterfall is peaceful and put a smile on my face. If you are an individual that is only impressed by huge waterfalls than Montha Than Waterfall probably is not for you. It is rather small but tranquil and is a good place just to get away from things. Even taking a book and just sitting back would be a nice option. Unfortunately, when I went it was during the hot season so the water flowing down the mountain was not very strong. I went last year during the rainy season and it was much more powerful, still not a huge waterfall of course but had a bit more of a kick. I hope you enjoyed the post about Montha Than Waterfall and hope to see you again. Please do not forget to follow me on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook for more stories about Thailand.

Montha Than Waterfall Doi Suthep

Montha Than Waterfall


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